[Engl. Kurzgeschichte] Santa Claus?

Wir haben heute in Englisch ein Gedicht vorgelegt bekommen: Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening:


Jedenfalls sollten wir (auf Englisch natürlich) etwas dazu schreiben. Was unserer Meinung da passiert. Von wem da dir Rede ist… Das habe ich gemacht. Und ich dachte mir, ich kann’s ja mal posten. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr mir eure Meinung des Ganzen dalassen würdet…

It’s evening. It’s the darkest evening of the year, It’s the evening of christmas.

I’m a man. A man who lost his children. Last year I lost my son and my two daughters. And my wife. It was an accident, because of that I lost my family. I lost everything I lived for.

But now that’s not about.

It’s about the evening of christmas. Of christmas this year. Not the last.

Because I have nobody to celebrate christmas with, I took my little horse and I rode into the woods. Through the woods to the lake on the other side. It’s frozen. I could try if it supports me. But…no. That’s not the reason why I’m here. I’m here to observe Santa Claus while he drives away with his sleigh.

I hide behind a very big tree and look for the little house which is there in the woods.

In front of the house stands a horse that’s harnessed before the Santa’s sleigh. Now the door opens and Santa Claus comes out. He wears his red and white gears.

He gave the harness bells a shake to try if they are still working. They do.

Then he takes the sack with the gifts for the children, goes into the sleigh and the horse gallops away to make the children all around the world happy!

And I’m happy too. Now I know that Santa Claus is real…


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